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Aluminium Patio Doors in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

Consider Square Glaze to install stunning aluminium patio doors throughout the Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire areas. Manufactured using high quality and durable aluminium, we install these doors around areas such as Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame and Oxfordshire. Contact us today for a bespoke quote or further information.

Key Product Features

Create your dream cohesive outdoor and indoor spaces with our beautiful aluminium patio doors. Used to connect homes and gardens, these doors feature glass panes which open up spaces with light and an opening. Benefit from the easy and accessible exit whenever you need to with these versatile doors.

High Performance

Throughout testing, our aluminium patio doors have provided consistent high performance results. Offering noise reduction for homes in busy areas, the seals on these doors add additional draught and leak resistance for further comfort in your home.


Our aluminium patio doors are highly configurable to meet specifications. Choose from various opening configurations and fold the sashes internally or externally. With the addition of low or rebated thresholds, they are highly versatile in design.


Compliant with Building Regulations Document L 2010, our aluminium patio doors provide excellent thermal efficiency. The design includes polyamide thermal breaks, high quality gaskets and weather brushes, which improve U-values and thermal insulation.

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What are aluminium patio doors?

When discussing aluminium patio doors, we typically refer to entries designed to provide entrances to outdoor spaces such as gardens, decks, or side entrances. 

Our aluminium patio doors consist of high quality aluminium frames and large glass panels, which improve access, lighting and thermal efficiency of homes throughout Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and further afield.

How beneficial is the installation of aluminium patio doors?

The installation of aluminium patio doors can be incredibly beneficial for homes looking to improve several factors, particularly before selling their home. For instance, our aluminium patio doors provide durability and security through their locking systems and high quality aluminium.

Designed to last for years, our patio doors are easy to maintain by occasionally wiping with a damp cloth. Providing sleek sightlines, they are highly customisable by design and appearance to meet individual project specifications and tastes.

How much do aluminium patio doors cost?

When considering the cost of our aluminium patio doors, there are a variety of factors which can vary from project to project. Starting from manufacturing, homeowners can configure, size, design and make additions, which may change the price of our patio doors.

Similarly, the colour, hardware, glazing and finish can all be customised in the design stages. Contact our friendly sales team today to find out how much your individual aluminium patio door specifications would cost; they will be happy to assist you.

Are aluminium patio doors noise resistant?

Staying comfortable in your home is an essential part of everyday life, whether staying comfortable with the temperature of British weather or being satisfied with the noise outside the home.

Our aluminium patio doors have been designed and tested to reduce external noise as much as possible. Using insulated gaskets and high quality seals, you won’t need to worry about hearing traffic or shouting in your home anymore.

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