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Looking for Commercial Window and Door Repairs?

Commercial Window and Door Repairs in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

Maintaining the appearance of a business or commercial property can be a difficult task; for all your commercial window and door repair needs, consider Square Glaze.

Available throughout Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire, we’re here to help get your building as good as new. Contact us today for installation throughout surrounding areas such as Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame and Oxfordshire.

Key Product Features

Repair the windows and doors of your business or establishment and create professional and characteristic charm. The windows and doors of buildings, particularly period or older properties, can lose functionality and quality. Our commercial window and door repairs are here when you need to revitalise your business or fix unforeseen breaks and damage.


The security of your commercial property is a number one priority. When dealing with broken glazing, our brilliant team of installers can offer to board the damaged area while we secure replacement parts. Once installed, our window and door repairs provide excellent security.


When considering the experience of your customers or guests, the entrance and windows create a great first impression. With our commercial window and door repairs, you can win your guests over with efficient windows, doors and glazing.


Our commercial window and door repairs are an excellent way to improve the quality and appearance of your business. With professionally designed solutions, we can help you achieve a lasting impression on the guests who visit your property.

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What properties do you provide your commercial window and door repairs to?

Being here for businesses and commercial properties when you need us is integral to what we do. For customer facing businesses like shopfronts or restaurants, we can create an everlasting impression with our commercial window and door repairs.

Alternatively, we offer solutions for residential blocks, commercial entrances and windows or offices to renew or repair windows and doors. Whether you need some broken glazing fixed or to return the functionality of their hinges, we have high quality products to meet your individual needs.

Are permits required for commercial window and door repairs?

An important consideration we ensure we plan for during our commercial window and door repairs is the requirement of permits. The need for permits varies depending on local building codes and regulations.

The requirement for permits may be required when carrying out repairs or modifications for electrical or structural work. For the commercial window and door repairs we conduct at Square Glaze, permits won’t be necessary, but we can consider the requirement individually.

What commercial window and door repairs do you offer?

We offer a range of commercial window and door repairs to keep your business or residential property looking as good as new. Whether you’ve experienced accidental damage or your windows and doors are getting worn down, we have solutions.

Consider our leak and draught repairs for window and door seals. We offer laminated, toughened glass and a 24hr boarding service for broken glass on shop fronts. Regarding replacements, we can provide glass, locks, handles, misted glass and hinges.

Can commercial window and doors be repaired outside of business hours?

Our services and commercial window and door repairs can be tailored to your project requirements. When working with businesses, schools or offices, we understand that some services may cause disruption even with prevention methods in place.

To ease the stress of your business and create a great impression on your guests, we can conduct our repairs when it suits you best. If this is outside business hours or as soon as possible, we have services to meet all needs throughout Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

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