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uPVC French Doors in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

Customise our beautiful uPVC French door designs and receive installation throughout Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire. Offering excellent durability and security, they can be manufactured to Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame, Oxfordshire and further local homeowner’s specifications. Contact us today for a bespoke consultation.

Key Product Features

Our uPVC French doors are designed to provide an elegant traditional opening to all home types, no matter the aesthetic. While they complement traditional and older properties, using our beautiful range of colours, they can be tailored to suit contemporary, modern or new build homes. With these doors, utilise these stunning features and gain easy access to your garden.


Our uPVC French doors offer excellent security for homeowners throughout Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire. Using multi locking systems and toughened glass, they are PAS24 and Building Regulation compliant.

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC French doors are perfect for busy households and are a proper fit and forget design. With minimal maintenance required occasionally, they are built to last with a ten year guarantee. Painting or treating them is unnecessary; enjoy their versatile style for years.


The efficiency of our uPVC French doors is like no other. Tested against British standards for weather performance, they are draught and leak resistant in even the harshest conditions. Being highly energy efficient, you can even install 24mm thermally broken thresholds.

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Not Your Standard uPVC French Doors

Being one of the most traditional and accessible entrances into the garden, our uPVC French doors combine large panes of glass with slim frame profiles to create more light and increased views of your garden into your home.

This style of external door is an excellent affordable, durable solution for homeowners looking to improve noise reduction and accessibility to their homes. With the option to add low or thermally broken thresholds in gold or silver finishes, you can ensure guests can quickly move through your home.

uPVC French Doors Customisation

Beautiful Colour Combinations

Choose between our creative range of colour and hardware options to create a bespoke uPVC French Door for your home. Adding charm and character to any property, our wide range of handles is the perfect finishing touch to these doors’ traditional appearance. Create the light and airy room you have always dreamed of with our stunning French doors.

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About Square Glaze Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

For over 20 years, we have provided high quality double glazed windows and doors to Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire homeowners. We take pride in the high standard of products and services we offer, along with the experienced and friendly team we have.

With every product made to exceed our customer’s expectations, we cover surrounding areas such as Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame and Oxfordshire. For homeowners who need help urgently, we offer our 24 hour emergency repair service. View our about page for more information on our business.

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Stunning uPVC French Door Installations

Working with our customers to create and install the perfect product always makes the final result rewarding. No matter the application or design of our uPVC French doors, we will be happy to help you achieve the perfect final touches to your home.

Through our 20 years of business experience, we have provided countless installations of our uPVC French doors to homeowners throughout Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Whether you choose to use our doors for a garage conversion like this one or to open up a dining room with more light, we will be happy to discuss a range of options by contacting us today.

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What is uPVC in uPVC French doors?

Designing and manufacturing our uPVC French doors was a no brainer to create them using uPVC. Standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, they are a type of plastic material used within the home improvement industry for windows, doors and conservatories.

Used within our French doors, the materials are highly robust and can withstand several weather conditions while allowing homeowners to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

How efficient are uPVC French doors?

Our uPVC French doors are highly efficient across many tests and factors. Our doors have undergone rigorous testing throughout the design process to ensure they are suitable for creation and installation in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and further afield.

Built with coextruded bubble gaskets, our uPVC French doors have a continuous seal to protect against draughts, mould and moisture. With triple glazing, our French doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K using these seals and gaskets.

Are uPVC French doors easily maintained?

To keep our uPVC French doors as good as new, we use several factors to make them easy to maintain for the homeowners we install them with. For example, we use uPVC as a material as they are easy to clean whenever there is minimal dirt or grime.

Alternatively, our French doors include double or triple glazing, which can be easily maintained by simply wiping them with a damp cloth if they get stained or cobwebs build up. Contact us today for easy to maintain uPVC French door installation; we’ll be happy to help!

How can the opening of uPVC French doors be customised?

The customizability of our uPVC French doors is an excellent example of their unique properties and quality. Whether you want to open the door inwards or outwards or add an optional midrail, these doors can provide high accessibility to your home and garden.

To improve the accessibility of our French doors further, consider adding our 15mm thresholds or optional single or double ramps. These additions are perfect for homes with wheelchairs, pushchairs or prams that regularly use the French door entrance.

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