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Glass Balustrades in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

Tailor our glass balustrades to meet your project requirements and needs. Suitable for various installations, we deliver them throughout Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire. Extending our services to Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas, you can receive a free bespoke consultation by contacting us today.

Key Product Features

Install a new modern and contemporary piece of architecture into your home with our glass balustrades. The beautiful double glazing used to create them can complement any home or property internally and externally. It is a trendy architectural glazing design that can be installed within commercial or residential properties.


During the testing process of our glass balustrades, we ensure that they meet the high expectations we set for ourselves and our customers. Being able to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are the perfect product to complement balconies and patios.


Our highly customisable glass balustrades are suitable for installation in various ways. Whether you’re looking to implement them into frame balconies, patios, staircases, terraces or Juliet balconies, they can be customised to blend seamlessly within them.

Low Maintenance

Using our high quality double glazed glass, our glass balustrades offer homeowners an easy to maintain feature for their homes. Being easy to repair with spigots, channels and stand offs, they provide low maintenance and years of product lifespan.

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What is a glass balustrade?

When we refer to a glass balustrade, we refer to a safety barrier or guardrail made with double glazed panels. Typically used to enclose or protect areas, they are an excellent example of modern aesthetics combined with secure and safe functionality.

Our glass barriers at Square Glaze can be installed into balconies, terraces, staircases and patio spaces. By providing installation in these areas, you can create a safe space for children or pets while still offering aesthetically pleasing designs.

How secure are glass balustrades?

Glass balustrades are an excellent choice for creating a barrier or guardrail for balconies or stairs. Using highly durable double glazed glass, even at standard, our glass barriers can break into tiny, harmless pieces if damaged or broken.

With the option to add toughened glass, we use various methods to ensure they are securely in place. Choose from metal clamps, brackets or channel systems to anchor your glass balustrades into the installation area. Our glass barriers are an excellent example of beauty and functionality.

What benefits do glass balustrades offer?

While they offer excellent uninterrupted sightlines and designs, our glass balustrades provide additional benefits which can help you and your family live comfortably within your home. Providing excellent customisability, our glass barriers can be made bespoke to meet your project requirements.

Alternatively, our glass balustrades offer increased natural light and the impression of openness and spaciousness. This is great for modern or new build homes looking to complement the interior and exterior of your property. Contact us today to see how our glass barriers can benefit your home.

How easy is it to clean and maintain glass balustrades?

Our glass balustrades are extremely easy to clean and maintain whenever needed. Designed to last for years, you can keep them looking as good as new using soapy water and non abrasive cloth. 

The use of harsh chemicals won’t be necessary as they may damage the lifespan and quality of the glass. Available for installation throughout Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and further afield, the weather won’t be a problem when maintaining our glass barriers.

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