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Replacement Glass in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

Bored of your existing glass or looking to upgrade low performing glass, look no further than Square Glaze’s replacement glass. Available for installation in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire, we cover the surrounding areas like Oxford, High Wycombe, Thame and Oxfordshire. Contact us today for a free quote or further information.

Key Product Features

Over time, glazed units can start to lose performance and fail homes’ energy efficiency. When moisture and condensation build up or accidents occur, our replacement glass is the perfect cost effective solution. Catering to all eventualities, like broken or misted glass, we’re here to help.

Excellent Quality

Boost the life of your windows with our replacement glass. Offering durability and resilience, our double glazed glass can be tailored to your requirements. With a range of designs and colours to suit your windows or doors, we’ll find the right glass for your needs.

Energy Efficient

When glass becomes misted, this is when the seals surrounding the glass become unbonded. This will leave windows losing energy efficiency and increasing carbon emissions. Choose from our energy efficient single or double glazed replacement glass.

Cost Effective

When problems arise, homeowners typically consider replacing the whole door or window unit. At a fraction of the cost, our replacement glass is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire product. If any other issues arise over time, our window hinges replacement service will assure you top-rated functionality back again!

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What products can be replaced with replacement glass?

Our replacement glass is an excellent durable, and secure solution to broken or misted glass. Available in single, double or triple glazed designs, you can ensure your home remains energy efficient even after a slight accident or wear. 

Perfect for older properties, our repairing glass can be installed with uPVC Georgian or astragal bars alongside aged or silver lead detailing. Alternatively, our units can be installed into windows, doors, units and cat flaps.

How long does it take to complete the installation of replacement glass?

The time it takes to install our replacement glass varies from project to project. If we already have the glass you need, it can be a quick and easy turnaround for your home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and further afield, which can be removed, disposed of and cleaned from the old glazed units.

However, upon inspection, we may find that we won’t have the glass you need. To give you peace of mind, our team will securely and temporarily board up the area while we wait for the glass you need to arrive for installation. To receive an estimated repair glass duration, contact us today!

What types of glass are available in replacement glass?

There are several glass types available as our replacement glass solutions. If you’re looking for privacy within a bathroom, porch or overlooked room, we recommend our obscure textured or satin glass selection.

For homes looking to provide repairing glass for their doors, cat flaps or windows, we can customise the design of the glass to be transparent or frosted to tailor the plan. Whether you stick to the original design or create a new appearance, we offer square or diamond detailing across our range.

How much does replacement glass typically cost?

In terms of cost, we offer a variety of replacement glass types which vary in opacity, glazing and thickness depending on the installation area. Upon contacting us at Square Glaze, we can analyse the information you give us and look at the pictures you send.

Following this, we can send a quote depending on many factors. For example, the size, type, thickness and location within Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire can be factored into our quotes. Contact us today to receive a free bespoke repairing glass quote.

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