Can my Double Glazing Windows & Doors be Repaired?

Can my Double Glazing Windows & Doors be Repaired?

Have your Double-Glazing windows or doors slowly lost their performance and ability over the years? Worry not—they can be easily fixed with professional help.

Whether you’re dealing with broken or misted glass or malfunctioning handles or hinges, your Double-Glazing windows and doors can be repaired. So why opt for costly replacements when targeted maintenance and repairs can breathe new life into your existing fixtures? 

Here at Square Glaze, we provide professional double-glazing window and door repair services, ensuring that your units look and perform their best for years to come.

Let’s get deeper into what problems arise with Double Glazing Units & how Square Glaze’s professional team can help you fix them all!

Common Problems with Double Glazing

Glazed units may begin to deteriorate over time, affecting homes’ energy efficiency. When moisture, condensation, or accidents build up, replacing the glass becomes essential for restoring optimal performance. 

At Square Glaze, we offer a cost-effective solution to address these issues with our replacement glass services.

We understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home environment. That’s why we cater to all eventualities, whether you’re dealing with broken or misted glass. 

Our replacement glass services are designed to provide quick and effective solutions, helping you restore the functionality and aesthetics of your windows and doors without breaking the bank.

Misting can also occur when the framework of your window moves and when the special packaging that keeps the glass sheets in place becomes worn. Your frames only need to move a few millimetres for the rubber seals to develop faults, and as the seals age, they do become more brittle. 

Similarly, over time the special packaging material that cushions the glass and stops it from moving becomes compacted. This allows one or both of the panes to move slightly, again breaking the all-important seal and leading to an inevitable double-glazing repair.

Another common fault occurs when double-glazed windows and doors drop slightly, making them difficult to open and close. This problem can be repaired by simply replacing the hinges, but in some cases, it is caused by a slight warping of the frame. This problem is particularly common in areas where the temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the year and, more specifically, in rooms where the internal temperature varies greatly, e.g. the kitchen and bathroom.

What Double Glazing Repair Services Do We Offer?

Replacement Glass:

At Square Glaze, we understand the inconvenience and security concerns that come with broken or misted glass. Our replacement glass services ensure a swift and comprehensive solution to put your mind at ease. 

Whether it’s repairing doors, windows, or cat flaps, we’ll promptly replace the glass, clean up the mess, and secure the area, restoring safety to your home. In cases where we don’t have the required glass immediately available, we’ll efficiently board up the unit until the glass is ordered, providing a temporary but secure solution. Partnering with Pilkington, we offer an impressive array of glass types and designs to suit your needs, ensuring a seamless reframe and peace of mind for you.

Replacement Locks

Whether you’re settling into a new home or updating security measures for changing tenants, our diverse selection of replacement locks caters to your specific needs. Over time, wear and tear can compromise the functionality of locks, particularly those on exterior doors and windows. Explore our range of replacement locks to ensure the continued safety and security of your property.

Replacement Door & Window Hinges:

Restore the ease of opening and closing your windows and doors with our replacement hinges. Moisture can cause hinges to rust or seize up, rendering them difficult to operate. Our range of replacement window and door hinges offers the perfect solution to rejuvenate the functionality of your home’s entrances and openings. Don’t let stiff or broken hinges hinder your daily routine—replace them promptly to maintain the smooth operation of your home.

24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Facing an emergency repair situation can be incredibly stressful, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. With our round-the-clock emergency services, you can find peace of mind knowing that your property is in capable hands. We’re available 24/7 to address any urgent glazing or security issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring the safety and security of your home or business.

Double Glazing Repair Prices

When it comes to double glazing, many issues can be effectively repaired, sparing you the expense of replacing entire units. One common problem, misting, can often be addressed quickly and conveniently at your home, typically within a few hours. Opting for repair rather than replacement means your newly sealed double-glazed units will maintain their original appearance and performance, providing your home with all the benefits of brand-new double-glazing.

While some double-glazing repairs can be DIY projects, hiring a professional repair company is often more efficient. Professionals bring expertise and specialised tools to the job, ensuring thorough and lasting repairs. Additionally, opting for professional repair services usually includes a guarantee for the work performed, offering you added peace of mind that the job will be done right.

The cost of double glazing repairs varies depending on the nature and extent of the repairs needed. While it’s tempting to focus solely on finding the cheapest quote, it’s essential to consider the quality of the workmanship and the guarantee provided. 

With over 15 years of industry experience, we use this knowledge to offer our various double-glazing repair services. To learn more about our excellent customer service, competitive prices and ten year guarantee, contact us now!

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